Obamacare collapsing as millions to lose health coverage this year… Obama’s promises prove meaningless once again

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. And if you can’t afford the insurance, daddy government will give you a subsidy. Of course, you may have to pay that back. And daddy goverment really does care about millions of really sick people, he really does. But not enough to stop spewing poisons into our air, food and water. If daddy government banned glyphosate, GMOs, chemtrails, ELF radiation, fluoride, depleted uranium, aspartame and all of the other deadly chemicals and toxins, Obamacare wouldn’t have any customers! Surely you understand. So let Obamacare take care of you. It will be alright. Even if you lose your employer-sponsored plan and are forced into Medicaid, or another Obamacare exchange plan. This loss, according to Fox News, is on the way:

“[T]he Congressional Budget Office projects millions of workers will leave employer-sponsored health plans over the next decade because of ObamaCare.

“Some will opt to go on Medicaid, but others will be kicked off their company plans by employers who decide not to offer coverage anymore, according to a new CBO Report titled,  ‘Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance Coverage for People Under Age 65: 2016 to 2026.’

“‘As a result of the ACA, between 4 million and 9 million fewer people are projected to have employment-based coverage each year from 2017 through 2026 than would have had such coverage if the ACA had never been enacted,’ the report, released Thursday, said,” according to Fox News.

Obamacare can’t sustain itself – maybe because it was built that way

Obamacare keeps marching on. And it appears that more people may be forced into it. But that doesn’t mean it’s working. Remember when the nation’s largest insurance carrier, United Health Care, said it may pull out due to losses of over $600,00o? Here’s what Breitbart.com reported in November 2015:

“Commenting on the potential withdrawal from all Obamacare exchanges, UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley said in an investor call Thursday morning “We cannot sustain these losses . . . We can’t really subsidize a marketplace that doesn’t appear at the moment to be sustaining itself.”

Don’t worry. Take your soma pill. Your transparent records will be used against you.

Don’t stress that Team Obamacare funneled billions to those with the right connections while purportedly attempting to build a website, or will have people (or maybe algorithms) determine the protocol of who gets what care. Or that your medical records will be shared with anyone they see fit, which could potentially restrict your right to purchase a house or attain employment. Sharing your personal medical records, along with all of your purchases, emails, phone calls and media-watching habits is what daddy government calls transparency.  So I guess they aren’t lying when they say they are the most transparent administration ever.

The government manages healthcare like they do everything else. Not well. But that’s the goal as we watch the resurgence of totalitarian dictatorships. Obamacare is just a part of the bigger picture to create toxic environments and help people die. Especially the older folks, or the weak, the disabled, the slow. You don’t need alternative therapies. You don’t need to be cured. If you discovered the nutritive power of clean foods, exercise or the importance of your Ph level and powerful natural therapies, you wouldn’t be a patient in their clutches anymore. The medical school that your doctor attended did not teach nutrition or how to eradicate disease. They were taught to maintain it with pharmaceuticals so their Big Pharma kickbacks and seminars and vacations can continue. Oh yeah, and if you refuse to buy what they’re selling?  Just pay the tax.  Seems more like extortion than healthcare, doesn’t it?

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